Summer Outdoor Activities for Seniors

After a harsh winter weather and having spent a lot of time staying indoors, summer brings a chance to enjoy the sun and the outdoors. Spending time outside enjoying the sun actually offers health benefits for seniors, according to a study conducted by Harvard Health. It increases vitamin D levels and that may lead to better moods in seniors. For many seniors just spending some time outside may result in having a better quality of life.
Keeping health and safety in mind, these outdoor activities can be done solo or in a group. Senior can choose the activity according to his/her interest or health condition.
Take a Stroll
It’s basic but just going for a walk can be beneficial for seniors since it can enhance the mood and provide healthy movement. Seniors can enjoy their walking route and also may choose a different route after a certain number of days.
Enjoy Local Sporting Event
Local sporting events are more friendlier for the aging crowd since they do not require extensive walking or sitting in the sun for longer periods of time. Seniors can cheer for the young athletes from the sidelines.
Many seniors enjoy gardening and taking care of the plants. Even if you don’t enjoy gardening but love being around plants, taking a stroll in the garden could boost the mood and improve the quality of life. There are many botanical gardens in each city and offer various types of plants and flowers.
If you are an art lover, consider painting outdoors in a nice weather. Pick a scenic location or an interesting object to paint and create magic on canvas.
Local Fairs and Community Events
Many local events and fairs happen during the month of summer. Plan a day to enjoy outdoors maybe with your grand kids, friends or caregivers. Everything from craft shows to free concert in parks makes getting outdoors more exciting. Look for a community calendar in the local newspaper or in the regional recreational websites.
Yard Games
Games are an excellent way to increase movement in seniors. There are tons of yard games to choose. If you are planning to play in a group, consider prizes. That can increase the interest level in the seniors.
There are many more activities in which seniors may have an interest. Bird watching, fishing, playing golf, apple or berry picking, flying kites or outdoor theaters are just some of senior activities. Consider your health and mobility when choosing your summer activities.
Note: The hottest time of the day is around 3pm so plan to stay indoors in an air-conditioned environment to stay cool and avoid exposure to heat.

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