Winter Indoor Activities for Seniors


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winter trees with snow

Depression increases during winter months for seniors due to limited social interactions and difficulty in going or staying outside due to the harsh climate. About 6 million people are affected by depression, and it tends to increase during winter months. Depression can include health risks, including the risk of death. Symptoms of depression include;
1. Lack of interest
2. Tiredness
3. Over or under sleeping
4. Neglecting self-care
5. Low appetite
6. Moodiness
7. Withdrawal from regular activities
8. Aggressive behavior
Fortunately, engaging in indoor activities could uplift mood and decrease the chances of depression in seniors. There are ways for seniors to remain active even during winter months. Here are some of them;
1. Exercise indoors; most seniors can only perform specific exercises due to health conditions.
2. Locate an indoor swimming pool
3. Visit senior centers in your area. Most have planned indoor activities for them
4. Walking or daily stretching sessions
5. Take an online course
6. Learn a new skill or take an art class
7. Be in touch with family via chat or video
8. Visiting friends
9. Playing board games
10. Keeping the mind sharp or doing healthy mental exercises
11. Invite a friend and watch a movie
Watching too much TV can also be linked to loneliness and depression, so keep this type of activity for less than two hours at a time. If a senior’s mood does not improve with socializing, exercising or increased activity, encourage them to visit their doctor.