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originally written on Caring.com

I have been using Accuaid care for almost 9 months. caretakers are truly excellent! Office is responsive to inquiries. I am totally satisfied with Accuaid Care!

originally written on Caring.com

We used Accuaid Care Services for four weeks, five hours a day, five days a week, and it was the same person coming every time. Services include cleaning my sister, incontinence care, oral hygiene, showering, and feeding her because she's bedridden. It was just a little bit more money than we were hoping to spend.

originally written on Caring.com

We have hired Accuaid Care Services. They're doing very well. The person whothey send out is a super good fit. She takes my husband walking every day. If need be, she will run errands for him. She is very pleasant. One time I used her for a whole week, so it was a lot of hours but she was great. They're very helpful. Since I'm a psychotherapist and I have people changing appointments, it is great that I can call her at the last minute. In fact, this last Thursday, the caregiver came and I said, 'Could you stay an extra three hours because I have had some other people show up,' and she called me and stayed. They're very flexible. Accuaid Care Services is great. I'm very pleased.

originally written on Caring.com

Accuaid Care Services was able to find us a caregiver after a couple of days. The caregiver is pretty good, but there was a day when she was sick and they didn’t have a backup. They provide basic custodial help, getting up and going to the bathroom, feeding, preparing things and so on. The agency handles my requests efficiently, and the billing is good and easy.

originally written on senioradvisor.com

Accuaide Services were brought in by Charitable Hospice to help me with my Mom. I met with [name removed] from Accuaide and she sent over [name removed] to help clean and do Moms laundry. We love having Martha. She is so personable and does an excellent job. I highly recommend using them. They have helped me immensely with her in taking off a lot of the load.

Shawn B
originally written on aplaceformom.com

I am very impressed with the care and creativity of [name removed]. She goes above and beyond for her clients. [name removed] works with my brother, who is somewhat self sufficient with managing his health, wellbeing and finances. She is patient, kind and above all she cares about her performance and his needs. She is of the highest character; I trust her to let me know when additional attention is needed and that she is helping him life his live on his terms. She is God sent for me because I don't worry if he's hungry, cold or hurt. She diligently goes to his apartment and work and has even followed him on a bus. She is tenacious and gets the job done. I am so grateful to have her in our life; thank you [name removed] for suggesting her for the job. She is perfect for our needs.

C Russell
originally written on aplaceformom.com

I cannot say enough the kindness and compassion of this group of caregivers. {name removed} has been over the top helpful during a very difficult time. We will be forever grateful.

Jean D
originally written on aplaceformom.com

I Highly Recommend!! Our mom had a stroke and our father has dementia but they both insist on remaining in their life long home. We were referred to accuaid In-home care by a friend and very glad we listened. Their management and all caregivers have gone above and beyond our expectations. They continued the physical therapy routine for mom right away, and they do memory games/tasks with dad. Both have higher spirits when we visit now. Very happy with their care.

Lillian D
originally written on aplaceformom.com

By far the BEST agency we have hired. My father has Parkinson’s and it kept getting worse. Ever since I hired Accuaid Care, his Parkinson’s has gotten so much better. He is taking his meds on time, exercising every day, enjoying time with his caregivers and making it to every Doctor’s appointment. My family and I are so grateful for their help. Now when I go to Texas to visit my dad, he is HAPPY and I get to actually spend time with him instead of having to take him to the doctor and run a thousand errands.

Dorothy B
originally written on aplaceformom.com

I am so grateful for 24 hour service Accuaid care offers. They responded in minutes to my call on a Saturday afternoon. They had {name removed} on site within 4 hours. She rolled up her sleeves and got right to work creating order and comfort to my family in need. The supervisor was attentive to both family and client needs and went above and beyond with reassuring phone contact. {name removed}

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AccuAid Care of Greater Dallas is the premier provider of Home Care Services for Seniors. We offer tailored home care services ranging from companion care for seniors who need daily assistance to in-depth specialized care for those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and other chronic diseases.

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If you are located in Dallas, TX, call AccuAid Home Care today to start receiving a higher level of home care for you or your loved one. Our professional and experienced caregivers specialize in everything from personal and respite care to companionship, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and so much more. Schedule Free Assessment

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If you currently reside in Fort Worth, AccuAid Home Care’s professional staff of caregivers can help you or your loved one with activities of daily living. When you work with our compassionate and expert staff, you’ll experience the benefits of non-medical caregiver services such as light housekeeping, medication reminders, and personal care; call us Today (817) 754-0089

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