Agency Caregiver vs Private Caregiver


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Everyday many families are faced with the task to hire agency caregiver or a private one. Before making a decision, understand the differences between an agency caregiver and a private caregiver.

Can home care be expensive? Yes. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to have a Long-Term Care insurance policy, or to have had a very lucrative career, you may be trying to weigh the value and cost of home care. We all know that people are healthier and happy at home; it’s been documented repeatedly. So, in cases where aging in place is the preferred choice and can be done safely, what are the care options for your loved one?

There are so many possibilities today, that it can be quite confusing to the individual who has been tasked with researching and making the best choice. While there is some complexity to home care options, there is also the unknown of the future health condition of your loved one. To make this exercise more beneficial, let’s remove the uncertainty of the future health condition with the assumption that maximizing the time at home for your loved one is an agreed approach.

There are two distinct options to provide care at home and we will review both. Both options can be supplemented with the support of family and friends. The level of caregiver support can be great if family availability is minimal or great if family is remote or busy with responsibilities. The goal will always be to provide the best care for your loved one at the best value.

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