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Making a new year’s resolution can bring about hope for the new year, as well as a strengthened passion for wanting to enact changes in the new year. The word resolution has been used so much, it can be difficult to attach any meaning to it. Instead, calling it a goal may help see it in a different more positive light. Creating accomplish able goals for both you and your loved one can be a great way to make sure your goals get accomplished.
Making smaller, more manageable goals rather than broad, long-term goals can be a great way to make sure that the goal gets accomplished on a day-to-day basis, building up to the ultimate goal. For example, instead of making your goal “start exercising”, you can have smaller goals, such as “walk a mile today”. Think of these smaller goals as stepping stones that help accomplish the larger goal one step at a time.

There are many different categories of goals that you can choose to accomplish this year. Starting out with personal goals. These are goals that you would like to
accomplish personally, such as cleaning and sorting around the house or spending time with family. Another example could be helping another loved one accomplish
their goals, which might even be a goal for yourself!

Another category of goals could be health-related goals. These are important goals that are typically one of the biggest parts of new year’s resolutions. Exercise can be a
great goal for the new year, whether it be to walk a certain distance a day or helping a friend or loved one exercise.
Making sure you’re all caught up on vaccinations can be another important health-related goal!

Catching up on finances can also be a goal for the new year. With the prominence of online banking these days it can be worthwhile to discuss and learn how to
manage finances online. This can also help prevent financial mistakes in the future. Taking small steps can be important in accomplishing this goal, such as setting
up smaller accounts to get your loved one used to the process, then building your way up




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