Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care for Veterans in Denton

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What is Homemaker Home Health Aide Care?

Homemaker and Home Health Aide Care for Veterans

A Homemaker and Home Health Aide is a trained and qualified individual who can provide assistance to Veterans within their home by helping them carry out their daily activities. This service is available to Veterans of any age and can enable them to continue living in their own homes. It is important to note that Homemakers and Home Health Aides are not nurses and are supervised by a registered nurse who will assess the Veteran’s daily living needs.

This program is for veterans who require personal care services and assistance with daily living activities. It is also for Veterans who are socially isolated or whose caregiver is experiencing stress.

Homemaker and Home Health Aide services can be combined with other home- and Community-based Services. Services may vary by location.

Homemaker Home Health Aides are individuals who work for organizations that have contracts with the VA. They provide services that can be used as an alternative to nursing home care or to get Respite Care at home for Veterans and their family caregivers. The services of a Homemaker or Home Health Aide can assist Veterans of any age in remaining living in their own homes.

Am I eligible for Homemaker Home Health Aide Care?

All eligible Veterans can receive Homemaker Home Health Aide Care if they qualify for community care, meet the clinical criteria, and the service is available, although services may vary by location.

What services can I get?

Services are based on your assessed needs. Talk with a VA social worker to find out what specific help you may be able to receive.

For example, an aide may be able to come to your house several times a week or just once in a while

Examples of daily activities you may be able to receive help with include:

  • Eating
  • Getting dressed
  • Personal grooming
  • Bathing
  • Using the bathroom
  • Moving from one place to another
  • Grocery Shopping

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